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  • Why is my water bill so much higher this month?
    That's a great question! Not all read periods are the same. Check your bill and confirm what the read period is. Chances are, if you're recieving an increased bill this month- the read period was longer this month than last month. These read dates are determined by the city and are out of our control as well as management's control.
  • How do I ask specific questions about my bill?
    If you have questions about your specific bill, give us a call! Leave us a detailed message with your full name, property name and unit number and your question! We're happy to help and available to answer your questions!
  • Charges on my bill are incorrect!
    If you think there are errors on your bill, please first contact your leasing office to confirm the charges listed are in fact incorrect. Your management team will contact us accordingly.
  • What am I allowed to have access to as a resident?
    Excellent question! As a tenant you are allowed to request access to your month's water utility bill amd how your property is allocating it's property water bill. That being said, depending on the state you're living in- we recommend reaching out to your local Apartment Associaton and clarifying your rights.
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